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Welcome to this worldwide survey — a complementary research tool for my upcoming book — attempting to gauge the world's perception of the United States. Using this Web site you can participate in my study whose main purpose is to assess how the world sees the U.S. as a whole — not just its political path as reflected through the actions of the current administration, but its people, culture, motivations, social attitudes, achievements and influence as well.

Thank you, in advance, for your sincere, articulate and meaningful opinions about America's, indeed, utterly complex image. You may respond to as many questions as you wish, although I would much appreciate it if you would care to complete the entire survey. You will be also given a chance to revisit, edit or add to your answers, and if you need to, finish your response at a later time.

Joe Szabo   

It is with deep regret that I must inform you that Joe Szabo passed away on February 2, 2016 with his book unfinished.  I hope to be able to publish at least a partial manuscript of this work for all of you who participated in his interviews.

He was a good friend and a true adventurer in everything he did.  He will be missed. 

Please visit here to view his obiturary and leave a rememberance

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